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3 Month Baby Must Haves

August 3, 2017

The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Some items were also gifted to me to test and review, those items are indicated with a c/o. 

Ben at 3 Months

My baby boy is four months old! I can barely believe it. So many things have changed over the past few months. I went back to work (boo!), Ben started sleeping through the night (yay!), he can roll belly to back, he laughs, he loves to be outside and he is still an easy going little guy. 

3 Month Baby Must Haves

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1 | Como Tomo Bottles: These were the first bottles we bought for him and we still love them. I’ve received sample of others, but these are still my favorite. He takes them the best, they’re cute and easy to clean.

2 | Activity Mat: Ben loves looking at himself in the mirror of his activity mat. We also do tummy time on here.

3 | Bandana Bibs: Ben is drooling allll the time, so these bandana bibs keep his clothes from getting soaked. 

4 | Boppy Newborn Lounger c/o Boppy: Ben loves to hang out here during the day. He can sit next to us and watch what is going on – whether it’s me folding laundry or Blaire running around like a crazy person.

5 | Solly Wrap c/o Solly: Ben is still loving to be worn and I still love wearing him! 

6 | Ring a Link: We had these toys for Blaire and Ben is loving them! They’re small enough that he can grip them with his little hands and he likes to bite on them.

7 & 8| Tubby Todd Wash & Tubby Todd Lotion c/o Tubby Todd: I have tried 4 different baby washes & baby lotions for Ben and these are my favorite! They don’t make his skin break out AND it smells good! With any of the others we tried, we could only have one or the other. I love that we can have both with Tubby Todd! 

9 | Ollie Swaddle c/o Ollie World: Ben sleep through the night if he’s swaddled with arms down. He isn’t rolling from back to tummy yet, so I’m enjoying keeping him swaddled this way as long as I can!

10 | Dockatot c/o Dockatot: When we want him to sleep for long stretches we still put him in his dockatot. 

What items did you love for your little one at 3 & 4 months? Better yet, what do I need for him at 5 and 6 months? Help a mama get prepared! ;)

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    Stephanie Reacher
    September 1, 2017 at 2:06 am

    This is AMAZING! These are wonderful tips, thanks so much for sharing. In fact, I have two kids, and I agree that these bandana bibs keep kids clothes from getting soaked. Thanks for sharing..!!

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