Ode to my Maternity Leave

June 3, 2017


My little guy will be 11 weeks on Tuesday. Which means I go back to work in two weeks… I have had such a fun 10 weeks home with my babies! We sleep in until 9:30AM each day, we eat breakfast together, we spend a lot of time at Target, parks, the children’s museum, the zoo and then the pool! My friend Jackie even came from New York for a few days to meet Ben and hang out with us! Even though we’ve tried to get out and enjoy the weather, some of my favorite times were just all of us hanging around inside, relaxing, since that isn’t something we will get to do when I’m back at work full time.

Ben slept through the night

This maternity leave has been the happiest weeks of my life! Hence why I’ve been so MIA. I am really just soaking it all in! Jason has been working really long days for the majority of it, so of course there are moments when I have no patience and want to take a nap or zone out to the TV in complete silence… but those moments are few and far between! Since we sleep in so late, Blaire has stopped napping, so there haven’t been any family maps these past 11 weeks… but this week we’ll have to start getting back into our routine of being up by 7AM, so we’ll hopefully be able to take a few naps together before I am back to work. Blaire riding TricycleBlaire riding TricycleBlaire and Benjamin
Visit to Zoo May 2017
Visit to Zoo May 2017Visit to Zoo May 2017Ben 7 Weeks OldFriday Night Walk
Doc McStuffins Children's Museum Exhibit
Blaire playing in water tableBlaire and Ben Sleeping in Cart May 2017Blaire and Ben May 2017Princess Day at the ZooBlaire and Ben Memorial DayFamily Pizza Night June 2017

If you stayed with me through all of those pictures, God bless you. But you can be thankful I was able to narrow it down to those, considering the thousands I have on my phone from this special time at home.

You guys, I know it’s so cliche to talk about how quickly the time passes, but it really, truly does. It’s heartbreaking to know my time at home with my little people is coming to an end.

And no, I won’t say “I was lucky to get those 12 weeks,” because honestly, families deserve to have A LOT more time away from their work, knowing their job is protected. 

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    Carol Davis
    June 28, 2017 at 10:35 am

    Your blog is great ! You are such a good writer ! So glad you got all this time off to enjoy your family ! Love all the great pictures too !

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