Fun Tools to Teach Your Toddler the ABCs

June 28, 2017

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The best way to learn new things is to make then fun, especially for your toddler! And lucky for parents, there are SO many fun ways to teach kids the alphabet. With these tools and toys, they’ll have so much fun playing, they won’t realize they’re also learning! These toys have really helped Blaire to constantly see letters throughout our home.

fun toys to teach the alphabet to toddlers | Shopaholic & a Baby Blog


fun toys to teach the alphabet to toddlers | Shopaholic & a Baby Blog

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1 | Socks c/o Kids in Socks: These socks are such a cool concept! The creator, Lucy, is so sweet! She created these socks with kids ages 2-4 in mind. Helping children match up a letter to the coordinating item that begins with that letter is such a fun game – that takes only minutes to play and will help them learn a new letter while they’re getting ready in the morning. (ages: 2-4 years)

2 | Wooden Alphabet Blocks: These blocks are the most OG way to teach your child the alphabet.

3 | Magnetic Chalk Board with Alphabet Magnets: We love this chalkboard! Blaire has had it for a few years (She has an older version that was sold at Carter’s) and it’s held up so well. Not only can we make words with the magnet letters, she loves to write on the chalkboard. It’s an easy (and green!) way to help your kids write out their letters. They can write them as many times as they want, without having 120 pieces of paper everywhere! (ages: 3 years and up)

4 | Alphabet Magnetic Letters: These magnetic ABC letters are a classic! They’re perfect to spell out words on the fridge, and they work well on many exterior doors, too! (ages: 3 years and up)

5 | Feel and Learn Flash Cards: These are so cool! They have the benefits of traditional flash cards, but they are geared for younger kids. (ages: 2-5 years)

6 | Alphabet Sound Puzzle: (ages: 3 years and up)

7 | Fridge Phonics: This one is fun because it makes the sound of each letter. So not only can they see what the letters look like, they can also easily hear their sounds. (ages: 2-5 years)

The ABC socks from Kids in Socks are some of Blaire’s favorites. She loves to make Ben wear them, too (lol!). Most of the socks I buy her either have characters or patterns on them, so she thinks these are cool because they’re different. Plus she loves to match them out when they come out of the dryer. They are really soft and are a good length for either tennis shoes or boots. 

Kids in Socks ABC Socks Kids in Socks ABC Socks

What are your favorite ways to teach your toddler about the alphabet? We spend hours singing the ABCs are here… and I know we can’t be the only ones! 

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