Mini Style: Favorite Spring Styles

April 24, 2017

Spring temps are finally here in the midwest. FINALLY! I am so excited to do some shopping for these kiddos of mine. Blaire went from a 3T to a 4T overnight, everything is suddenly too short on her. No complaints here… you know I love an excuse to shop! And with a newborn, his next size is always just around the corner! ;) Spoiler alert: this is my first round up with both girls AND boys clothes. 

Now that Blaire is potty-trained, I think rompers are basically out for us this summer. It just seems like an accident waiting to happen, AMIRIGHT? Have you found rompers in toddler sizes that can unsnap at the crotch?! If you have, PLEASE tell me where. Mini Style: Spring Dresses

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I find dressing a newborn a little tricky. Once the temps aren’t so cold, I never know where the fine line is between making sure they’re warm and making sure they’re not too hot. Ben is still in the “wear an extra layer” phase, so he mostly wears sleepers with a onesie underneath. Also, up until now, we have spent most of our time indoors since the weather is just now starting to get nice. I’m so excited to get these kiddos outside to play! 

Spring Style for Baby Boys1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 

Where are your favorite places to shop for your kiddos? 

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