Blaire’s Peppa Pig Birthday Party

February 26, 2017

My baby is three! This is the first year Blaire could pick her “theme” and she choose Peppa Pig. We have done Blaire’s past birthday parties at home and they always end up stressing me out. I usually spent the weeks leading up to her party crafting Pinterest decorations. But not this year. This year, we decided all we really needed was a fun cake! We have done a big family party at lunch and then a big friend party at dinner. To try to make this year a little smaller, we opted for a bowling party combining Blaire’s closest friends and our immediate family.

While it was somewhat hectic with three-year-olds bowling, it got me out of cleaning my house from top to bottom, so it was worth it. ;) The whole thing went by quickly, so I mostly just ended up with some fuzzy iPhone pictures… but that’s okay. Blaire definitely had the time of her life. Between running around with her friends, opening gifts, and blowing out her candle (her favorite part!), she didn’t stop smiling all day.

Blaire's Third Birthday

Peppa Pig Picnic Birthday CakeBlaire's Third Birthday PartyBlaire's Third Birthday PartyBlaire's Third Birthday PartyBlaire's Third Birthday PartyNow we have even more toys than we know what to do with…and combined with baby things everywhere, our house is overdue for a visit from the decluttering/organization fairy. There’s always next weekend, right?! Due to a scheduling error (thanks, bowling alley!) we had to have her party start at noon. Which just happens to be EVERY toddler’s naptime. Sooo, no nap for Blaire (or mama) today means an early bedtime for all of us. Then  

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