New Mom Must-Haves

August 2, 2016

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When I was putting together my baby registry, I focused entirely on things for our baby. I knew I’d need things for myself, but just figured I’d grab them at some point before Blaire was born. A week or two before my C Section, I hit up Target for the things I thought I’d need: one nursing tank and one nightgown. I thought I was set! (Insert crazy laugh here.)

New Mom Must Haves

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Funny thing is, babies and nursing are so messy. Babies have a way of spitting up on you, and somehow you’ll gain a talent for spilling milk on yourself. This means you need to have a healthy stock of nursing bras, comfy pjs and a cozy robe to rock for those first few months home with your baby. Now, I don’t think your pjs have to be nursing pajamas. I had some that were and some that weren’t. As long as you keep in mind that you’ll need to have easy access to nurse, you’ll be fine. (Think thin straps.) I had Blaire in February, which is absolutely freezing in the midwest. Since I had a C Section, I could not wear anything tight around my stomach. I got some comfy pajama pants that were a size larger than I normally wear, that I’d sometimes wear with my robe or nightgown. #superstylish But seriously. It was comfortable and that’s all that matters those first few weeks months.

If you’re nursing, life suddenly centers around your girls. Make sure you have plenty of nipple cream and some of these soothie pads! They’re amazing for those first few weeks as you get used to nursing. 

I wore a belly band postpartum for about a month, or so. I was actually given one in the hospital, because it puts pressure on your C Section incision to help it feel more supported, and less painful. Overall, many postpartum women wear a belly band to help shrink their uterus quicker. I definitely recommend it!

I also loved my slippers for those first few months at house. Lots of hair ties, hand bands, etc. to keep your hair pulled back… since you’re never washing it again. Also, I kept a nursing cover around for times when we had company over and I didn’t feel like hiding out in the bedroom.

Experienced mamas, what things did you need for those first few months? I’d love to know in a comment below. xo

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