Summer 2016

July 17, 2016

Life has been CRAZY the past few weeks. We’ve had so much going on, I haven’t have much time to do anything (including our laundry). July is more than half way through and I. can’t. believe. it. It’s insane! If you follow me on Insta, then you know we fed giraffes on Father’s Day. We did our usual thing for the 4th of July. Fireworks in our city on the 3rd. Our favorite street festival on the 4th, followed by fireworks on the golf course. And bounce houses. So many bounce houses. I have about 15 half-written blog posts and I’ve been lacking in the motivation department. So, instead I’ll just share some of my favorite pictures from the past few weeks.

Feeding a Giraffe

feeding giraffes on Father’s Day

family on the 4th of july

fireworks on the 4th

tiny, cuffed jeans. I can't handle it.

tiny, cuffed jeans. I can’t handle it.

coldstone ice cream

yummy coldstone

will travel for nachos

will travel for nachos

Life is just so crazy busy in the summer. But we are so lucky to have so many amazing family and friends to spend time with. On our “to do” list for the rest of the summer? Relax. At the pool. With drinks (and ice cream). How about you? xo

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