Playing it Safe

June 6, 2016

Our weather has been perfect the past few weeks. We’ve spent weekends outside, at the pool and grilling. I think it helps Blaire (which helps us!) fall asleep faster every night. But, with the warmer temps come bugs and sun. And with all of the posts you see calling out the scary ingredients in everything these days, anytime I see something that’s natural and has good reviews, I have to try it. 

Blaire at the Pool

These Smart Stuff™ products are natural and mineral based, but still protect your family from the sun and bugs (obviously both can be found in our backyard) so these are perfect for everyday use when we’re outside playing. We have been using both the past few weeks and are loving them! 

Smart Stuff Sun Block and Bug Spray Smart Stuff Sun Block and Bug SpraySunscreen c/o Smart Stuff™ | Insect Repellent c/o Smart Stuff™

Have you ever tried Smart Stuff? Do you worry about what’s in your skincare products? I try not to let myself have anxiety over it, but when I see a great, natural product I’m always excited to try it.  xo

This post was sponsored by, and in collaboration with, Smart Stuff™

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