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June 23, 2016

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This weather has us looking for reasons to be outside. Last night’s reason? Crafting! Blaire was SO excited when I told her she could paint. We both love flowers, so I’ve been planting more in the back yard this Summer. My dad bought us some Monkey Face Orchid seeds (Seriously! They look like monkey faces. You can see them here.) so I wanted to make a sentimental flower pot to plant them in. I bought a clay pot for less than $5, some washable kids paint and then just used a paint brush we had laying around the house. I placed a little of each paint color on a paper plate and let Blaire go to town. She was surprisingly good with the paint brush! She loved mixing the colors together and was so particular about which colors she wanted to use each time she dipped her paint brush.

Blaire and her painted planter

I thought it would be cool to put her hand print on the planter. So I put paint on another plate and dipped her hand it in. She was actually making gagging noises the whole time and was. not. having. it. So we wound up with a big, pink blob and I gave up. She immediately asked for the baby wipes to clean up her hand. Then she promptly got paint on her romper when she wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing with her paint brush. Once the masterpiece was finished, we just tossed out the dirty paper plates and I rinsed out the paint brush. We left the pot upside down to dry, outside in the grass overnight. The next morning Blaire admired her handy work. I love how excited she was to see it and I love the giant smile I get on my face when I think of how excited she was to paint it.

Planter Painting Supplies

Blaire painting

Blaire painting Blaire painting

blaire paintingblaire with stain

Kid Painted Pot

After miss Blaire went off to bed, I tossed her painted-on romper into the washer and I’m happy to report the bright coral paint is no longer there. I’ll just assume it’s thanks to the all® free clear detergent stainlifters.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had sensitive skin. In grade school we learned I was allergic to chlorine. Which meant I had to stay out of pools with a high chlorine content (every hotel pool ever!) and had to use prescription medicine on my skin any time I got out of a pool that had even a small amount of chlorine. Thankfully most pools now have the upgraded filtering systems that either require minimal use of chlorine or no use of chlorine at all. Which means I can finally swim without having to feel like my skin is on fire.

I have always used laundry detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets without any scent because it never fails to irritate my skin. I aslo use minimally scented lotion and body wash because my skin is that sensitive, especially my legs!

When it came time to launder all of our new baby clothes before Blaire was born, I never thought of using anything other than all® free clear detergent, all® free clear fabric softener and all® free clear dryer sheets on those teensie tiny clothes. We’ve continued to use all® free clear products on our clothing and Blaire’s and she hasn’t had any skin issues. Fun Fact: all® free clear detergent includes Allergen Assistance that keeps allergens from sticking to your clothes! Which means we can enjoy being outside spring, summer and fall without having to worry about all the gross stuff sticking to us. #winning

All Free & Clear Detergent

stained romper

all free clear

all free clear at walmart
As if the whole “this laundry detergent doesn’t make my skin feel like it’s on fire thing” isn’t enough of a reason to make me love all® free clear detergent, the stainlifters sure are. We find all three at Walmart! 

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