Blaire: 22 & 23 Months

February 1, 2016

Someone pinch me, my baby is almost two yeas old! It seems like just yesterday I saw her sweet, helpless, little face for the first time. And now here is she, 23 months later. Full of sass, eating all my snacks and trying to tell me which shoes to wear.


23-MonthsFavorite Words: I do, I’ll go, bless you (when someone sneezes OR coughs), oh no, mommy, juice, please, thank you, baby, I don’t know.

Favorite Things: She loves “singing along” to the ABCs and she’s still obsessed with Minnie Mouse. She loves putting on her own pants and boots. Since it’s the middle of winter, we spend the majority of our free time hanging out in the living room reading books, playing with babies, cooking in Blaire’s Minnie Mouse kitchen and dancing around like a family of crazies.

Favorite Foods: Blueberries, apple sauce, yogurt, juice, goldfish, black olives and cinnamon life cereal. She is obsessed with dipping… ketchup, ranch and salsa are her current faves. 

Biggest Milestone: She got her very own big girl (toddler) bed in January! Back in November when she was sick, she would only fall asleep with one of us and we haven’t broken her of that habit yet. She was doing so well falling asleep on her own for months and months and now we have to start over. We can usually get her to fall asleep in her bed at the beginning of the night, but she ends up in our bed by midnight. Fine with mama, because I love nighttime cuddles! 

We are currently planning Blaire’s second birthday party. It’s Minnie Mouse themed and we just KNOW she will love it! xo

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