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Fighting Diaper Rash

November 5, 2015

As the mom of a 20 month old who has had her share of ear infections and colds, I know a thing or two about fighting diaper rash. It seems like every time she’s under the weather, especially when there’s an antibiotic involved, she gets a terrible diaper rash. The most important thing is to try to prevent the diaper rash all together. Putting a diaper rash cream on preventatively at each (frequent) diaper change is the only way to prevent diaper rash. But sometimes that just isn’t enough. Below are my tips for fighting diaper rash quickly.

  1. Air it Out.
    The best cure for a diaper rash it to let it air out. If they’re small, it may mean laying them on a towel. Once Blaire became somewhat mobile it meant putting her in her crib (without a sheet) and letting her crawl around. During the warmer weather it was easy to let Blaire run around outside (we have a fenced in yard, so it’s private) to get some fresh air on her rash.
  2. Change Diapers Frequently.
    For the times when you can’t have a naked baby running/crawling/laying around, be sure to change diapers frequently.
  3. Use Diaper Rash Cream.
    It’s important that at each diaper change, you slather on a thick layer of the cream (I recommend DESITIN Maximum Strength) over the affected area. DESITIN Maximum Strength is my pick because it has the maximum amount of zinc oxide available without a prescription.

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When using diaper rash cream preventatively, I like to use DESITIN Rapid Relief. When using diaper rash cream to treat diaper rash, we use DESITIN Maximum Strength. Whether you want to try DESITIN for the first time, or stock up on your tried and true fave, be sure to use the Target Cartwheel coupon for 25% off through November 21, 2015. You can learn more about the coupon here. You can learn more about DESITIN here. If you love DESITIN, share pictures of your little cutie with #ChangeForTheBetter and #Desitin.

What do you think of my diaper rash tips? Does your little one seem to always get a diaper rash when he/she is sick? By the way, how much do you LOVE Target’s Cartwheel app? I love getting notifications showing me my grand total of savings. Cha-ching!

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