Our Weekend

June 1, 2015

Our weekend went by quickly! Don’t they always? We did lots of shopping, cleaning and relaxing. Friday night, Blaire and I went to the park so I could get in a run before we played at the park and fed the ducks. Two minutes after the picture below was taken, it began to downpour. Blaire thought it was hilarious! I was just worried about my camera and my phone making it safely to cover. Don’t worry, they’re both fine. :)


It was rainy on Saturday… So we met my parents and one of my brothers for lunch and then hung out at our house for the afternoon. That night Jason and I went to dinner with some friends, while my parents watched Blaire. It’s amazing how relaxing one dinner can be without a toddler throwing food everywhere! ;)

On Sunday, Jason left to golf while Blaire and I slept in. We laid around and watched cartoons… and then went to Target and Carter’s, then we met Jason at the Farmer’s Market. The highlights of the Farmer’s Market include: a corn dog and homemade chocolate ice cream! Blaire LOVED them both, and was super excited when she got to play on the playground before we headed home. We got some yard work done and cleaned out the garage before going to get some groceries. We ended our night with a little more time outside, before dinner, and finally, bath time. IMG_4491 IMG_4524 IMG_4556 IMG_4602

IMG_4535Romper – Carter’s // Doormat – Target (In-Store Only)

I’m so ready for all of these thunderstorms to be done and over with… especially on the weekends! I’m excited for the long, warm days of Summer! How about you? xo


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