Blaire: 15 Months

June 1, 2015

Blaire is officially 15 months old! She is still wild, crazy and as sweet as can be. She loves to blow kisses (complete with a “muah” sound effect), give hugs and is even now turning back in to our cuddly baby girl we once had! Now that she can climb up on to the couch, she likes laying on us and rubbing our arms, or playing with our hair. She would live outside, if we let her. She can shake her head “no”, and uses her whole body to nod “yes”. It is so funny because she can really answer us when she wants something. Example: This morning she brought me a pair of my sandals, and I said “Do you want to go outside?” and she nodded her entire body “yes,” ran to the back door and proceeded to pound on the sliding glass door. She is also communicating with her hands more! Tonight she was pointing at her binky in Jason’s hand, yelling and was using her other hand to simulate putting a binky in her mouth. IT. WAS. HILARIOUS.

She is still saying lots of words, some of her new words this month were bubbles (THE CUTEST WORD SHE HAS EVER SAID), duck, quack, grandma, and shoes. She also imitates Mocha’s bark and it is hilarious.


IMG_4480At her last doctor’s appointment (a few weeks ago) she had finally broken 24lbs. She’s still wearing size 18 months and I love that her hair is getting long enough for bows. I also LOVE that while her face and her arms have been thinning out, those thighs are still chubby and oh, so cute! She also just had a third molar pop through this past week. She’s been a champ and has still been sleeping through the night and acting like her silly, sweet self.



If you gathered anything from this month’s post, it should be that we’re living with a sweet, hilarious little person. And this sweet, hilarious person wishes she could just live in our backyard. ;) xo

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