13 & 14 Month Favorites

June 9, 2015

So I’m a little behind on sharing our monthly favorites. Time has just been flying by! The past few months Blaire has started playing so well independently. She spends hours putting her baby dolls into their stroller, shopping cart and car seat. She drags them all around and tries to put clothes on them and feed them. She even gives them kisses and likes to cuddle them. It melts my heart.

We spend a lot of time outside playing with bubbles and these no spill bubbles are perfect! Blaire likes trying to do everything herself, so I love that she can play with these without becoming a super sticky mess. Speaking of liking to do everything herself, pouches of yogurt and apple sauce have become our best friends! She loves that she doesn’t have to slow down to eat something. Since Blaire has now had some swim lessons, she is a little more confident in the bath tub, which means she loves bath time even more! This sea scooper is so fun. It stores all of the bath toys in an upright position so they can dry AND they’re out of the way. And Blaire thinks it’s fun to play with in the tub, too. It’s a bonus that it can “eat up” her other toys. ;)

13 & 14 Month Baby Favorites

Go Go Apple Sauce Pouch // Stroller & Doll // Sea Scooper // Pop Up Book // No Spill Bubbles

There you have it! Our 13 & 14 Month favorites! What are/were your little one’s favorite items at this age? xo

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