It’s Been Awhile

April 20, 2015

Saying I’ve been MIA seems like an understatement… but it’s just been nonstop craziness over here. It seems like we always have something going on, and on the nights we don’t, it’s so nice to just sit around and catch up on the DVR. Since I haven’t blogged since Easter, I’ll rewind a bit. Poor Blaire was sick for a few days and when her runny nose and cough wouldn’t go away, we took her in to the doctor. One of her ears was red, but since she hadn’t been running a fever, her doctor thought it was just from her cold. Well that night she woke up with a fever, so she was prescribed an antibiotic. I worked from home two days, while she was still contagious. As you can see in the photo below, Blaire also had to get some work done from home. Well FINALLY the runny nose is gone. The cough is gone. And I’m hoping the ear infection is gone, too. I’m so thankful that today was her last day of medicine because she is not a happy camper when you’re holding her down, forcing medicine down her throat. Super fun way to start AND end the day. NOT.Photo Apr 08, 2 30 29 PMBlaire was feeling better in time for us to make it to a friend’s wedding that weekend and it was a blast! Blaire had a good time running circles around the dance floor. ;) In the photo below you can see Blaire has finally started blowing kisses! She also now loves making the “muah” sound and clapping. So much cuteness from one tiny person.

Photo Apr 11, 4 54 33 PMPhoto Apr 11, 4 55 17 PM

Photo Apr 12, 8 43 18 PM10371406_10205549324505943_4738709461437938110_n

Can I just say I have the most beautiful friends and family, inside and out? I’m one lucky lady! Well that’s it for now. I promise I’ll have more updates in the next few days… Lots more pictures to share. ;) Have a great week! xoxo.

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