Spring Fever

March 18, 2015

Spring is FINALLY HERE! It has been over 50° every day for the past 10 days… which is amazing! It was even 79° on Monday. It seemed outrageous to see that number on my car’s thermometer. We’ve been spending lots of time outside. On days when it is cooler, we’ve been hanging out on the back deck a little bit, and on the warmer days we’ve been heading to the park to take a walk and let Blaire play on the playground. I’ve mentioned before that Blaire loves hugging, so it’s funny to watch her chasing kids around the playground, knowing that it’s because she’s trying to hug them. She’s getting pretty quick on those little legs!

Photo Mar 09, 4 30 16 PM


Photo Mar 13, 6 00 18 PMOn Saturday we had lots of fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day early! Our city and the cities surrounding it have a giant St. Patrick’s Day parade every year, which was Blaire’s first parade. She loved it! We had a full day watching some bands and Blaire enjoyed dancing and running around inside the tent. My mom’s birthday was on Sunday, so we celebrated early with dinner. And because she’s so great, she even stayed at our house with Blaire that night so that Jason and I could go out with friends.

Photo Mar 14, 12 22 03 PM

Photo Mar 14, 5 55 10 PM (12)

Photo Mar 14, 5 52 41 PMSunday we celebrated my mom’s official birthday with breakfast. We decided to take a day to relax, so Jason and I took Blaire to a few different parks. At the first park, she liked the swing. Later on in the afternoon at the second park, she was not a fan. Typical girl, I guess?! Between trips to the park, I actually got to take a nap! It was the best. Sunday. EVER.

Photo Mar 15, 5 38 01 PM

Yesterday, since it was almost 80°, and we knew we’d be back to the 50s for the rest of the week, we headed to the park right after work. There just happened to be some people there with a litter of puppies and we had so much fun playing with them. Blaire thought they were hilarious (they were!) and we had to drag ourselves away from them.

Photo Mar 16, 5 29 48 PM

As if you can’t tell, we’re excited to finally have some nice weather here in Iowa and we are taking full advantage. How have you been spending this amazing spring weather? xo

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    March 19, 2015 at 3:08 am

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun this past weekend! I wish we had a parade here as well, looks like a blast!

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