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How We Spent Blaire’s First Birthday

February 27, 2015

Welp, our baby girl is officially ONE! Of course it snowed on her birthday, so it’s not like we got to go out and do anything outdoorsy. (That’s what you get in Iowa in February, I guess!) We made the best of it, and Jason and I both left work early and Jason picked up Blaire from daycare. If you follow me on Instagram, (You should be!) then you know that Blaire took cookies to daycare for all of her friends. We came home and had dinner before heading to the mall, where we took Blaire to make her first Build A Bear. She loved it! She wasn’t so sure about the stuffing machine at first, because it was so loud. But she pushed the pedal and even kissed her bear’s heart before we put it in and sewed it up. The mall was dead, (it was snowing like crazy…) so we let Blaire walk around before we stopped at Whitey’s for some ice cream. We came home and opened her presents from us, and played just a little bit before it was bed time.


Photo Feb 25, 6 55 36 AMIMG_1655

Photo Feb 25, 6 33 04 PM

Photo Feb 25, 7 27 58 PM (1)

Photo Feb 25, 7 23 23 PM



Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.02.18 PM

We have so much fun making all of these memories with Blaire! And I love documenting them all here to come back to in the future. I think we started some good birthday traditions. Let’s face it, it’s not hard to get me to the mall, and I see plenty of trips to Build A Bear, followed with Whitey’s ice cream in our future! …We also went to Pizza Ranch last night, which is how we spent the night before she was born. That’s also another tradition I’m fine with keeping! ;) FINALLY! Tomorrow is Friday. This week has felt soooo long. I’m so excited to relax a little this weekend, and celebrate our wedding anniversary! xo

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