October 13, 2014

I Love You, Weekend


Well another weekend has come and gone… why do they always fly by so quickly? We had such a fun and busy weekend hanging out with family and friends. Blaire was extra funny this weekend. She learned to babble “yeah” and “hey” and this morning she won’t stop saying “da da.” It is sooooo precious. I just can’t believe how quickly babies learn things. She likes to wave back (most of the time) if you wave to her. She also looks for Jason when you ask, “Where’s dad/daddy/da da?” She also does the same for our dog Mocha. She just adores Mocha! Her tooth is still not even half-way in (two and a half weeks later!). But it’s still adorable!


Hey there, little tooth!


Blaire & Mocha / Why do pet’s eyes always look so creepy from the flash?

Since we received our family photos on Friday, we wanted to add a photo collage on the wall in our living room to show them off. We had to spend some time shopping for items for our collage this weekend and I love how it turned out! Next up, new curtains. I’m loving these curtains from Target!Photo Wall

Random Mom Thing #1
Have you tried the diapers from The Honest Company? I signed up for the free trial and forgot to cancel before they sent me my first monthly subscription. I called in to cancel and they let me know it had actually been delivered that day. They said they’d email me a return label. The label never turned up in my Inbox and in a desperate emergency one day I had to open a package of diapers. I was secretly sooo excited we were keeping them because they’re so cute and they felt like they were such a nice quality. Well, I don’t love them. They just aren’t as absorbent as Pampers Swaddlers. (Not being paid to say this!) She definitely can’t wear them through the night. By 4AM she has already leaked through onto her PJs and her Swaddler. Nights when she slept through to 6AM, it had gone through to her bed sheet. She could be in the Pampers Swaddlers until 9AM and not have any problems with leaks. The other day she had been in her diaper for 2 hours and it leaked through, onto her pants and mine. Disgusting! My verdict: they’re super cute… but be prepared to change your child every, single hour. I get that they’re eco-friendly, so maybe absorbancy isn’t their thing. So if eco-friendly is your #1 then go for it! :) So far I love everything else that came in my bundles from The Honest Company. We have the wipes and the cleaning products and they all work very well.

Random Mom Thing #2
Have you tried to Up & Up Brand (Target) of formula? We tried the Infant Formula with Iron, which is comparable to Similac Infant. It was such a great deal, how could we not? Well it just didn’t seem to agree with poor Blaire’s tummy. She had never been constipated before and it was so heartbreaking. Granted, it could also have just happen to have overlapped with the certain combination of food she had eaten. But as soon as we switched back to Enfamil, she has been back to her old self. She has tried many different types of  Enfamil, including the Infant and the Supplementation. She’s also used different types of Similac and she hasn’t had a problem. Have you found any store brands that have agreed with your little one?

Well… Happy Monday to you! Here’s hoping your week flies by. xo

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    October 13, 2014 at 8:46 pm

    I completely agree with you 100% on the Honest Co. diapers. They are cute, but definitely more expensive and they leak! They also run pretty small. I bought a bundle and my son outgrew the size 2s overnight (it felt like). Luckily I did receive my return label via email, and they sent me some new size 3s. We’re using those now, but we had two leaks today….ugh! I will stick with Pampers Swaddlers. They are much cheaper in price, especially when Target has deals! I haven’t tried formula feeding yet with my son, but I appreciate the info! Loving your blog! :)

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      October 16, 2014 at 6:29 pm

      Thank you! I’m so happy to hear you’re loving the blog so far. I guess I’m not the only one who’s had the problem with those diapers. I agree, between SAMS and Target, Pampers Swaddlers are definitely more affordable.

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    Tiffany Wall
    October 17, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    Love honest diapers, they’re what we use when we’re not cloth diapering. I carry about six at a time in my diaper bag and I got a great deal on them when they had a special on them at Costco (not all the Costco’s carry them, I think only in test markets, and also the shampoos! I hoarded them and bought a lot for stockpiling – lol! They were offered in a two pack and in a way bigger size than the small $10 a bottle you get on the website/nordstrom/and now target).

    Also, H has been a strictly breastfed baby until recently. I started supplementing formula, but haven’t tried the up&up brand, just Similac Advanced and Enfamil ready-made (for when my dad babysits). No problems with either…

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      October 19, 2014 at 9:28 pm

      Good to know on the shampoo… I like those! And I love the cleaning supplies… Why don’t we have a Costco!?!?!? I’ve heard of mommy friends using their formula with no problems. For now we’re back to the Similac and Enfamil.

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    Tiffany Wall
    October 17, 2014 at 12:23 pm

    PS Pampers seem to be the best for overnight leaks! And cheaper alternative that all my mommy group friends are about are the Costco Kirkland brand!

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