Teething Baby Favorites

September 24, 2014

Anyone who has cared for a teething baby knows it can be hard, heartbreaking and sometimes it’s just frustrating! There’s nothing worse than a baby in pain, and parents who feel helpless when it comes to dealing with that pain. The worst part about teething? You don’t know that your baby is actually starting to cut teeth AND cutting a tooth can take weeks! Symptoms of a teething baby are excessive drooling, rosy cheeks, irritability, low-grade fevers and then there’s the fact that they are biting on anything they can get into their little mouths! So I’m excited to share with you our teething baby favorites!

Blaire started her teething symptoms around the age of three months. It was hard to find any teething toys that were small enough for her tiny mouth. Sophie the Giraffe was our saving grace! We tried this teether clip that you can stick in the fridge. She would chew on it for a few seconds, but it didn’t keep her interest. One other thing that worked, was using these little mesh bags meant for food, and placing breast milk ice cubes in them. At three months, she wasn’t able to eat anything but breast milk or formula, so being able to freeze the breast milk was a nice way for her to get something cool, yet familiar, on her little gums.

Teething Baby Favorites
Amber Teething Necklace // Teething Book // Twist & Teethe // Ring Links // Sophie Giraffe

Amber Teething Necklace: I had read mixed reviews on whether these were safe or not. There is a misconception that this is something for your baby to actually chew on. It is NOT! It is for your baby to wear. Studies have shown that the warmth from your baby’s skin releases the active ingredient in the Baltic amber, succinic acid. After reading so many positive reviews from parents who had seen a difference in their children, we decided it was worth a try. It wasn’t a huge financial investment, plus they’re so cute! I ordered ours from this shop on Etsy, and have been nothing but happy with it. Within about 48 hours of wearing her necklace, there was definitely a change in Blaire’s temper. She was back to her happy, outgoing self. We double Blaire’s and have her wear it as an anklet, it’s much less scary than having something around your baby’s neck.

Teething Book: Blaire loves the noise this book makes!

Twist & Teethe: This teething toy is so colorful and fun. Blaire loves trying to move the little beads around and could chew on them for hours.

Ring Links: These links are one of Blaire’s favorite things. Since they’re versatile they keep her entertained for quite a while.

Sophie Giraffe: Sophie the Giraffe was the only teething toy that could fit in Blaire’s little mouth when she started teething at 3 months old. It’s not wonder Sophie is a favorite teething toy of most babies.

These other teething items are all so cute and colorful. Aside from soothing baby gums, they’re also entertaining. The majority of the items are between $2.50 and $7, which makes them perfectly priced so that you can give your baby some fun options at a grumpy time in their little lives. On days when Blaire seems to be especially miserable. I have given her two to three of these teething tablets. They really seem to work wonders! I know many parents are against giving their kiddos medicine, so no worries, everything in the tablets are natural.

What are your favorite teething options for your little ones? Have you tried the Amber Teething Necklace? I’d love to know. xo

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    September 24, 2014 at 10:02 pm

    Hey these are pretty much what we used for my son too.
    Have you also heard about Silicone teething necklaces? They were and still are a life-saver to me and my son is 18 months old :)

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      October 1, 2014 at 2:52 pm

      Those are so cute! I’ll have to get one. Thanks for sharing. :)

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