September 2, 2015

15 & 16 Month Favorites


Our house is officially a toddler toy room. Blaire has toys everywhere at all times. Here are some of her faves from 15 & 16 months.15 & 16 Month Faves

Shopping Cart | Sesame Street Cell Phone | Utensils | Kitty Purse | Puzzle

Shopping Cart: Blaire loves this shopping cart just as much as she loves her baby stroller, and she treats them about the same. She loves to pile her babies, their clothes, her clothes, her drink, her binky, her blanket and basically anything else she’s into right into this cart. It’s so cute to see her push it around. Just practicing for the day she can push a real shopping cart around, I guess. ;)

Sesame Street Cell Phone: Blaire loves cell phones and Blaire loves Sesame Street. She gets excited that she can hear the voices of her favorite Sesame Street characters AND feels like she’s talking on the phone.

Utensils: We love these utensils! Blaire is obsessed with only eating something if it’s on a fork or a spoon. These are durable and they’re bigger than her baby spoons so we’ve been able to continue using them.

Kitty Purse: This purse is one of Blaire’s favorite things. She loves the long strap because she can wear it as a crossbody just like mommy.

Puzzle: Blaire has loved playing with puzzles for months. She is really getting good at putting the pieces in their correct spots on the puzzle.

Which items were your babe’s favorite at this age?

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