March 6, 2015

12 Month Favorites


Blaire is always on the go these days! She loves toys that she can carry around with her, and she also loves trying to put things into purses and bags. She is just so girly, it cracks us up! She is so happy with her purse and her baby. But these other things are our current favorites, too! 12 Mo Faves_2
Baby Doll // Purse // Vanity // Frog Wubbanub // Blocks // Shake It Up Book

 Baby Doll: Blaire LOVES this baby doll. She got it as a birthday gift and carries it around with her everywhere. She hugs it and even pretends to feed it a “bottle”.

Purse: Blaire is a girly girl. She carries around this little purse and we take it with us pretty much everywhere. She loves taking everything out of it, and then putting it all back in. She especially loves the little mirror!

Vanity: Blaire does like looking at herself, but her favorite parts of this are actually the little pieces that go with it. The lipstick is her baby’s “bottle” and the little makeup brush always makes her laugh!

Wubbanub: There was quite a chunk of time when Blaire wasn’t using binkys at all. When we moved her to her own room, we started offering it to her in the middle of the night. This little guy keeps her happy through the night, naptime and other random points throughout the day.

Blocks: These blocks are perfect! Blaire loves carrying them around, and knocking them down. She doesn’t stack them on her own yet… but she gets so excited when we’re stacking them and she’s waiting to knock them down. They lightweight and even make little squeaking noises.

Shake It Up Book: Blaire has had this book since she was little, and is now a pro at shaking it! You can’t tell from the photo, but it has little balls in the spine of the book, so you can shake them to make noise while you’re reading the book. She’s so proud of herself when she shakes it on her own. :)

Those are our favorites! What are/were your 12 month old’s favorite things? I love getting Blaire new things to help her continue learning and developing into such a little smarty pants. xo

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