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How We Spent Blaire’s First Birthday

February 27, 2015

Welp, our baby girl is officially ONE! Of course it snowed on her birthday, so it’s not like we got to go out and do anything outdoorsy. (That’s what you get in Iowa in February, I guess!) We made the best of it, and Jason and I both left work early and Jason picked up Blaire from daycare. If you follow me on Instagram, (You should be!) then…

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star First Birthday Party

February 23, 2015
First Birthday

I can’t believe Blaire’s first birthday party has come and gone! We decided to have two separate birthday parties… on the same day. We had a family/few of our very close out-of-town friends birthday party in the afternoon, and then we had a pizza and cupcake party that same night with in-town friends and their kids. The majority of my family and friends live out of town, about an…

Baby Blaire: Monthly Updates

Blaire: 11 Months

January 25, 2015

It’s here! This is Blaire’s last monthly update before she’s a YEAR OLD! I can’t believe she is now 11 months old. This update is the most emotional for me, and I think it must just be because she is becoming so independent. She sleeps in her own room, can feed herself, walk and she hasn’t used a bottle in a week! (We found the perfect sippy cup…