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11 months

Ben: Monthly Updates

Ben: 11 Months

March 20, 2018
Benjamin Robert 11 months

I have been doing these 2 months at a time, but I have a big post ready for his first birthday (tomorrow!) so I published month 11 by itself.  Weight: 20.5lbs Wearing: Mostly 12 months  Favorite Things: Remotes, swinging, he loves “reading” by himself aka turning the pages in books,  Biggest Milestone: Teeth #5 and #6. The top (his) right and the one next to it. The fastest crawler ever!  Biggest…

Baby Baby & Toddler Favorites

sleep training our 11 month old

March 4, 2018
Halo Snoozy Pod

Thank you to Halo for gifting us the SnoozyPod to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.We were blessed with a little baby who LOVED to sleep this time around. When swaddled, Ben would fall right to sleep on his own. He’d sleep in stretches of 4-5 hours at a time and slept through the night for the first time around 10-weeks-old. Blaire didn’t sleep through the…

Baby Baby & Toddler Favorites

11 Month Favorites

February 9, 2015
11 Month Favorites

Well… Blaire officially started walking a week fews ago and there’s just no keeping her still these days. She is still loving all of her 9 and 10 month favorites, and we’ve added these in to the mix, as well. These days, she really loves books (especially if they have fun textures inside) and toys that sing. Below are our 11 month must-haves. Bath Spout Cover // Puppy’s Home //…