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Outdoor Adventures

April 23, 2015

Now that it’s finally spring, we can’t tear Blaire away from the backyard, or the park, or even the driveway. When she’s not outside, she’s standing at the backdoor (or the windows) watching the backyard, begging to go out there. On days when Blaire gets to spend time outside she sleeps sooo much better, so we’re not complaining when little miss is out running laps in the backyard… or going down her slide 50 times. She always has a giant smile on her face when she’s out playing. And we especially love being able to go to the park after work to take walks and to let Blaire run around before dinner time. Blaire loves her slide SO much that we actually bring it inside with us every night. She really loves to start and end each day with a few trips down her slide. ;)

Photo Apr 13, 5 22 44 PM

Photo Apr 14, 8 01 12 AMThis crazy girl has learned to smell flowers. It started at the store when I was trying to pick out flowers for our planters at home, and having to be just like mama, Blaire wanted to smell them, too. I swear she is not eating the flower in the second picture. (Although she may have tried to take a bite before I told her that it’s naughty to eat flowers!) She’s a wild child, I tell ya!

Photo Apr 16, 5 44 23 PMPhoto Apr 16, 5 45 31 PMPhoto Apr 17, 8 11 41 AMPhoto Apr 17, 6 40 14 PM

Sippy Cup C/O Nuby

Sippy Cup C/O Nuby

Can I also go on the record to say for the 1000 time how much I love chubby baby legs? I LOVE that it’s been warm enough for Blaire to start showing them off in all of her summer clothes. The past few days have been windy and cold… and it’s killing me to have to drag back out her winter clothes. Come back Spring! PLEASE! Happy Hump Day! We’re more than halfway to the weekend! xo

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